- Is it Mac compatible?
- How can I remove the Web Stunning logo?
- Can I use .avi files on the video player?
- What software do I need??
- What if I post a video encoded with H.264 and the end user didn't have quicktime installed? Do I need to post a FLV copy?
- I keep getting error in Dreamweaver "While executing *** " . How to fix it?
- Is it possible to somehow get back to the player settings once the video player has been inserted and saved?
- Can I use non-Latin text in the player?
- I do not see your component in the Dreamweaver "Insert -> Media -> ..." panel.
- Why the player will no longer appear in Chrome browser (only local testing)?
- I'm trying to integrate the PDF Publisher in an (online) webpage but the application crashes (adobe flash plugin crash) when accessing the Flip Book page. But everything seems to work fine when I address and test the files locally on my computer.


- Yes, our products work on Mac as well as PC.
- It cannot be removed in the free version. Buy the product and use the full version instead.
- Other formats such as .mpg, .avi and .wmv must be converted to FLV, or to a H.264 encoding. The H.264 offers the best video quality in smallest filesize.
- You need an unzip program to open the .zip file. Dreamweaver with Extension Manager. Browser with Flash Player. Then you need a HTTP-server to serve the player SWF files.
- Flash is now able to play H.264 encoded video, so there is no need to have a separate FLV file. If you embed FLV Player into your pages it will use that to play the video.
- Try these steps:
1. Close Dreamweaver.
2. Delete the file WinFileCache.dat or MacFileCache.dat from the Dreamweaver configuration folder as described here 3. Start Dreamweaver and try to insert in a blank page.
- There are three ways to open user interface to edit the player:
1. "Insert" ==> "Media" ==> "WebStunning Video Player"
2. Ctrl + Shift + A
3. Right click menu option in design view
- Yes, just change the default font in the user interface. Controls tab => Text => Text Font (Arial font for example)
- Possibly it is localization problem (If you use non-english Extension Manager). Please read our article about this issue: Components don't show up in Dreamweaver
- Possibly it is flash player plugin problem (lower than 11.4 versions). Please read our article about this issue: Flash content don't work in Google Chrome browser (local testing)
- When you upload the flip book files to your server, your FTP client chooses the encoding of the uploaded files and sometimes he is mistaken in the choice. You need to open your FTP client properties and change "transfer mode" parameter to binary mode or auto mode (if binary mode was at first).