Dynamic HDR Processor
HDR Photo Effects

The Dynamic HDR Processor for Dreamweaver creates stunning images with HDR effect on the fly, using single source image. With the unique flash user interface it's very easy to adjust and insert the component on your website. Compatible with Dreamweaver CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, 8(Flash IDE is not required).

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Free HDR Photo Processor

Download free HDR Processor Full featured version with Web Stunning watermark logo.

Amazing image effects

HDR effect - best for nature, landscapes, architecture images.
Alternative HDR effect - best for black and white, vintage, classic themes.
Soft Contrast effect - best for portrait, romantic, magic photos.

Highly customizable

Supports all the features you'll possibly need and these features can be configured the way you like.

Look and Feel

Resizable UI window. Real-Time image processing. Natural and easy HDR effect. Photo enhancement. Round corners. Slideshow with stylish controls. Demos

Easy to setup

The product comes with unique flash UI. First and only Dreamweaver flash interface in the Web. Taking advantage of flash we've added convenient slider controls in draggable semitransparent image control window. The UI brings a new level of usability into Dreamweaver extensions.

Real-Time Preview

When you move the sliders you see the changes in real-time.


Works in all browsers supported flash. Flash is enabled on 99.0% of Internet-connected desktops worldwide.

Meet your needs

Our goal is to make the first real-time HDR photo processor with high quality HDR effects. You are welcome to suggest new features for the HDR processor.