- Close Dreamwever before installation.
- Double click on MXP/ZXP file to start installation process.
- If your system doesn't recognize the .mxp or .zxp file extensions, install Extension Manager
(Extension Manager for older versions, Dreamweaver CS3 or Dreamweaver 8)
- After installation is completed, start Dreamweaver.
- (Restart Dreamweaver if it was running during the installation).

Insert into a page

- Click to insert the cursor where you want the Flash video player to appear and select...
- "Insert" ==> "Media" ==> "WebStunning Photo Gallery"

- If your page is unsaved Dreamweaver will prompt you to save the page.

Image list tab


On this tab, you can easily edit image list data.
- Click the "Create folder" icon to add new folder in the list and in the directory.
- Click the "Add folder" icon to add folder with images and sub-folders in the list. You can remove all demo folders and add any folder from your HDD. This folder will be treated as main folder of the gallery. If you add another folders inside the main folder it will be copied with all nested folders and images.
- Click the "Refresh folder" to update selected folder and nested sub-folders. The gallery will synchronize the image list with the actual directory files.
- Click the "Add image" icon to add image in the list.
- Click the "Remove" icon to delete image or folder from the list.
- Move elements in the list by clicking arrow buttons over the list.

Thumbnail image - File name of the thumbnail image. The image created automatically. But you can change the image.
Main image - File name of the main image.
Date - File creation date.
Link - Link assigned to an image will work in View Mode.
Image caption - Name of the image.
Transition effect - Image appearance effect.
Description - Multi-line rich-text description for the image. The text appears in View Mode at the bottom when the mouse is over the image.

Gallery tab



Gallery Width - Width of the gallery in pixels.
Gallery Height - Height of the gallery in pixels.
Thumbnail Width - Width of image thumbnails in pixels.
Thumbnail Height - Height of image thumbnails in pixels.


Gallery Files Path - Path/name of the folder with gallery files ("gallery.swf", "expressInstall.swf", "swfobject_modified.js").
Config XML Path - Path of the configuration XML (config.xml). Edit the path when you create several galleries.
XML Image List Path - Path of the image list XML (image_list.xml). Edit the path when you create several galleries.
Background Image URL - Gallery background image file path.
Music URL - Background music file path.

Interface tab



Interface Color - Main interface color.
Border Color - Interface borders(lines) color.
Interface Transparency - Transparency of interface elements(0-100).
Border Transparency - Transparency of interface borders(0-100).
Panel Bevel Transparency - Bevel effect transparency(0-100).
Preloader Type - Image preloader type.
Show Button Tooltips - Show tooltip when a button is rollover-ed.
Show Fullscreen Button - Show/hide "fullscreen" button.


Background Color - Gallery background color.
Dropdown menu/tooltip Color - Dropdown menus and tooltips background color.
Transparent Background - Enable/disable transparent background.
Image Layout - Layout of the background image.
Show Mute Button - Show/hide "mute" button.
Music Volume - Background music volume.


Font - General font type for the gallery.
Font Color - General font color.
Bold - Bold font style.
Italic - Italic font style.
Gallery Texts - Array of gallery texts.
Right Click Menu Texts - Array of right click menu texts.
Top Header - Top header caption.

View mode tab


View Mode Parameters

Show Categories Button On Top - Show/hide "categories" button.
Show Categories Panel - Show/hide left side categories with images.
Enable View Mode - Enable/disable view mode of the gallery.
Slideshow AutoPlay - On/off autoplay for slideshow.
Slideshow Delay - Slideshow delay in seconds.
Transition overlay - Transition image overlay.
Slideshow Random Order - Display images in randomized order.


Zoom Mode - Image zoom mode.
Rounded Corners - On/off image rounded corners.
Show Image Description - Show/hide image description.
Rounded Corner Radius - Image rounded corner radius.
Show Image Caption - Show/hide image caption.
Description Margin - Image description margin.
Border Size - Image border size.(0 - disable image border)
Border Color - Image border color.
Show Image Only On Fullscreen - Hide image in the gallery and show only when fullscreen mode is enabled.
Image Under Carousel - If the option is enabled the images will be shown behind the carousel. If not the image will be scaled to fit into space above the carousel.

Image Controls

Show Play/Prev/Next - Show/hide Play/Prev/Next control buttons.
Show Zoom Controls - Show/hide zoom control buttons.
Show Rotate Controls - Show/hide rotate control buttons.


Enable Thumbnail Carousel - Enable/disable thumbnail carousel.
Carousel Panel Auto Hide - On/off auto hide function of the bottom panel.
Carousel Type - Scrolling type of carousel. (normal or sensitive)
Selected Thumbnail - Selected thumbnail(number) by default.
Thumbnail RollOver Highlight - Thumbnail rollover animation.
Thumbnail Margin - Margin between thumbnails.
Thumbnail RollOver Frame - Thumbnail frame color in rollover state.
Enable On-click Fullscreen - The gallery turn on the fullscreen mode when the carousel image clicked.
Thumbnail Reflection - Enable reflection of thumbnail images.

Browse mode tab


Browse Mode Parameters

Show Folder Panel - Show/hide folder panel.
Show Calendar Panel - Show/hide calendar panel.
Show Search Panel - Show/hide search panel.
Show Modify Panel - Show/hide modify panel.
Show Preview Panel - Show/hide preview panel.
Show Info Panel - Show/hide info panel.
Calendar Month Names - Array of calendar month names.
Calendar Day Names - Array of calendar day names.
Search Texts - Array of search texts.
Thumbnail Margin - Margin between thumbnails.

Branding tab


Customize Watermark Logo

Enable Watermark Logo - Enable/disable watermark logo.
Watermark Text - Text of the watermark.
Watermark Layout - Layout of the watermark text.
Watermark Transparency - Transparency of the watermark text.
Watermark Font - Font of the watermark text.
Watermark Font Size - Font size of the watermark text.
Watermark Font Italic - Italic style of the watermark text.
Watermark Font Bold - Bold style of the watermark text.

Customize Right Click Menu

Enable Right Click Menu - Enable/disable right click menu.
Menu Text - Right click menu text.
Menu Link - Menu item link.
Link Target - Menu item link target.

Presets tab


Select configuration - Select a configuration from the list and apply to the gallery.
Save configuration - Type new name in the field and save your own configuration.

User interface command buttons

flv player ui buttons

Press the "Insert/Update" button after all changes are made. The necessary code will be inserted into the page, all required files will be inserted in the folder "Gallery_files" by default. However you can change paths for all important files.

- gallery.swf - gallery flash file,
- config.xml - contains the gallery configuration parameters,
- image_list.xml - contains the gallery images information,
- background.png - default background image file,
- background_sound.mp3 - default background music file,