Create a flash photo gallery with just a few mouse clicks.
Outstanding online photo album, banner rotator or flash slideshow for your photos and images. All images are loaded externally. You can add unlimited number of images. Creating your own Flash Photo Gallery has never been easier! Intuitive ACDSee-like interface, browse, view and slideshow mode.
photo gallery
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PDF Reader
Flipping Book PDF Reader

First of all, it's free. Why not replace the standard Adobe PDF Reader with the nice flip book. The Flipping PDF Reader allows to read PDF documents in user friendly interface with flipping book effect. Good looking and convenient alternative for Adobe PDF Reader. Absolutely free desktop application (Windows only).
flip book pdf reader
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PDF Publisher
Flipping Book PDF Publisher

The Flipping Book PDF Publisher allows easily add Flipping Book on your website or create CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disk with stunning presentation. Just select one or several PDF documents, configure the look of the book and click publish button. Desktop application (Windows only).
flip book pdf publisher
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Video Player
Web Stunning Flash Video Player

Video embedding has never been easier.
The Flash Video Player is distributed as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver, allowing to insert videos in pages with great facility and get all video features. Using Dreamweaver's Tag inspector, you can browse to an FLV (flash video) or MOV (HD quality MPEG-4) file on your computer, and define all player settings.
Doesn't require the Adobe Flash IDE.
flash video player
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HDR Photo
Web Stunning HDR Photo Processor

The Dynamic HDR Processor for Dreamweaver creates stunning images with HDR effect on the fly, using single source image. With the unique flash user interface it's very easy to adjust and insert the component on your website. Compatible with Dreamweaver CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, 8. Doesn't require the Adobe Flash IDE.
HDR photo effect
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Dreamweaver extensions

We distribute our products in the MXP and ZXP file format. To install Dreamweaver extensions use Adobe extension manager. If you have Adobe extension manager installed, just double click on MXP/ZXP file to start installation process. Close Dreamweaver before beginning installation.

Extension manager

Extension Manager is included in the Creative Suite Installer as well as the installers for the individual products it supports. The stand alone Extension Manager installer is available free of charge and can be downloaded at the Adobe Exchange download page: